Gwen Paulson

My passion is supporting women and birthing parents who have experienced trauma to achieve a meaningful and empowering birth experience.

While working as an Advocate and Counselor for women who have experienced violence, I observed a theme of pregnant and parenting women who believed their past experiences were impacting their pregnancy and birth. These interactions inspired me to pursue Birth Doula training through DONA in 2015. My background has been in Social Work and Mental Health Counseling for the past decade with a focus in trauma recovery. I believe in validating past experiences while creating a safe space for your body to connect with the powerful and primitive intuition in birth. I recognize that pregnancy can be a challenging time to acknowledge hurtful experiences we’ve had, and I believe in the importance of reclaiming our bodies at this sacred time. The conversation about the impacts of trauma on the birth experience is crucial; 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime, 1 in 5 women experience sexual violence, and many women have experienced traumas related to pregnancy and birth.

As your Birth Doula, my goal is to support you in addressing your unique experiences and needs for an empowered birth journey. My practice focuses on processing and preparing for birth during prenatal time and providing the support you desire during labor and delivery. Many people who have experienced trauma may feel they have had their choices taken from them. My belief is that this is your birth, your body, and your choices. I am privileged to be part of your experience. I bring skills and experience of advocacy, trauma-informed care, mindfulness, reiki/energy healing, nutritional awareness, and mental health support to my practice as a Birth Doula and full spectrum birth supporter.

I support all birthing parents, you do not have to identify with an experience of trauma nor disclose your experiences to receive birth doula support from me J I am looking forward to supporting your empowered birth.

Gwen and her husband returned to their home state of Virginia after traveling the USA for several months from Oregon, and live in Fredericksburg with their two dogs and small chicken flock. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and being outdoors and by water as much as possible.

Gwen can be contacted at: