Hayley Chrzastowski

I am an energetic and passionate healthcare professional, dedicated to improving the lives of women during pregnancy while increasing maternal/infant attachment and infant development. I have my Bachelors of Science in Psychology and my Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (OT) with a specialty in premature infant development. Through my doctoral specialty I became very interested in understanding how the care a woman receives during pregnancy can impact her labor/delivery and infant developmental outcome. As a result, I began identifying ways in which I could bridge my OT skillset with maternal healthcare. And becoming a doula has provided me with that opportunity. While serving growing families in the Fredericksburg and surrounding areas, I am finishing the doula certification process through DONA International.

My goal as a doula is to provide emotional and physical support for women, couples, and partners to enhance their individual experiences and connection with labor/delivery. I encourage active participation by providing a calming, welcoming, open, and non-judgmental atmosphere. As a doula I am focused on removing the expectations and preconceptions a woman/couple/family may associate with labor/delivery, instead empowering them to create and live their own birth story. I will work to meet you where you are, physically/mentally/emotionally, and facilitate positive steps into this new chapter of your life.

As I combine my OT skillset with that of a doula, I will focus on the changing female body during and after pregnancy and how these changes affect a woman’s ability to complete her daily activities. We will work together as a team to identify any environmental adaptations that can be implemented to increase your comfort and participation in your everyday life. I will collaborate with you to decrease stress, improve sleep, build your confidence, and help prepare you for the birth of your child—which is, in fact, your birth as a mother. Ultimately, I will support you and your maternal healthcare team in creating the best pre-natal, labor/delivery, and post-partum environment to support the best infant development.

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